Oxagon Hosting Services

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Oxagon Hosting is a customer-oriented web hosting company that provides superior quality hosting solutions to our customers all over the world. Our solutions challenge the norm, setting new standards for web hosting and customer care. We provide our customers with the tools and technologies that are not only value added services, but business enablers. Oxagon Web Hosting has been in the business of providing quality webhosting to clients of all sizes and interests. Oxagon Hosting is a customer-focused, independent department operating within Oxagon. We have delivered top quality service for years and our professional work is recognized not only on a national level, but overseas as well (Europe, United States).

Succeeding on today's market is a real challenge, and we do understand our customers' strive for competitiveness, because it represents our company's vision – to deliver perfection in every aspect of our products. Relying on our innovative hosting structure, we provide effective and original solutions, representing the care and professionalism of our highly skilled specialists, always available to solve even the most complicated scenarios. You can breathe calmly now, no more system collapse nightmares, no more setting issues - Oxagon Hosting provides an "always online", optimized product, easy to manage and operate. In the last few years we made major investments and improvements in our security system, and now our servers operate in highly, physically and digitally protected and isolated environment. We do not take any chances with our database and network systems.

Oxagon Hosting employees are university education, multiskilled specialists, with extended experience within the industry and great eye for every detail. In Oxagon we love our job and we believe in what we do, that is why our team is in a constant pursuit of perfection. We accept every project as a challenge, which will take us one more step forward. We focus, lots of efforts and investments in our Human Resources Development Program, providing our staff with long list of internal trainings, as well as exchange programs with other companies. Our employees are constantly educated on the latest technology, products and services in the fast pace field of IT Industry.